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Radenko Milak

Born in: 1980

Bosnia and Herzegowina

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Radenko Milak was born in 1980.Lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Radenko Milak is a complete artist who questions the imaginary potential of images, and conceives his paintings as installations that confront the real and fictitious power of images, their interpretations and readings, their status within our visually saturated society, as well as the standards of representation of reality. Radenko Milak opens our eyes through revealing the aesthetic potentiality held in each image, as well as their haunting ghosts. His work is a visual echo to the continuous stream of images seen as deceiving reflections of the world's visual archive. […]

At the age non only of their mechanical reproducibility, but of their immediate and constant access, images are looking at us even though we do not notice. In addition to capturing the image of Time, Radenko Milak also sought to grasp the image of Movement; drawing on the world repertoire of cinema and images he interconnects through his brilliant watercolor technique, as well as through animation. Radenko Milak created a mental image of cinema through a series of artworks inspired by iconic directors like Hitchcock, Godard, Bergman, Antonioni, Welles, Kalatozov, Laughton, and Tarkovski.

Christopher Yggdre

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  • Bosnian Artist

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