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Ivan Kulinski

Born in: 1970



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Ivan KULINSKI was born in 1970 to Zgorigrad, Bulgaria.

His work carries in itself the drama of the decomposition and the power of the transformation of the line in volume.

The artist looks for the purity of the sign by underlining the categorical side and the formal persuasion of the silhouette.

It is its artistic creed profoundly thoughtful.

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Ivan Kulinski, Petit Cheval, Sculpture

Ivan Kulinski

Petit Cheval, 2016
20 x 24 x 6 cm

€1 900

Ivan Kulinski, Don Quichotte, Sculpture

Ivan Kulinski

Don Quichotte, 2016
62 x 30 x 7 cm

€3 900

Ivan Kulinski, Vent, Sculpture

Ivan Kulinski

Vent, 2016
54 x 27 x 12 cm

€2 600

Ivan Kulinski, Paysage, Sculpture

Ivan Kulinski

Paysage, 2016
60 x 56 x 12 cm

€3 600

Ivan Kulinski, Vague, Sculpture

Ivan Kulinski

Vague, 2016
57 x 34 x 13 cm

Sold out

Ivan Kulinski, Sagittaire, Sculpture

Ivan Kulinski

Sagittaire, 2016
37 x 7 x 6 cm

€2 300

Ivan Kulinski, Paons, Sculpture

Ivan Kulinski

Paons, 2016
45 x 20 x 10 cm

€3 800

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