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Kristina Kostadinova

Bulgaria Born in: 1983
Having studied illustration and design, Kristina Kostadinova has chosen to work with various media for conveying her ideas beyond the visual. In this perspective of artistic experimentation, photography is at the heart of her photo book "Amnèsia".

This is what the artist says about her book: "the celebration of an anniversary always raises questions about the past, the present and the future.
The cliché according to which "a nation which does not respect its past has a poor future" is unfortunately true. In Bulgaria, there are more than 150 monuments built between 1945 and 1989 by the Bulgarian Communist Party. In 2009, we have "celebrated" 20 years of "democracy". Most of these monuments are dedicated to the Soviet Army and the communist rebels. Some of them have been destroyed and reduced to pieces by the bombs and machine guns. These gigantic vestiges still exist, ghostlike, wandering and invisible figures. Today, the nation is confused and distracted.
There is no duty of maintening them ... nor a duty of memory...

I have visited several monuments and memorials in Bulgaria for one month. Through my photographs, I invited the viewers to watch carefully and to participate as they wish. There is no timeline or specific order. I photograph what I see, raw and real objects. Without really getting personally involved.

But during my trip, I went beyond documentary photography: the real and the imaginary, brutality and tenderness, forgetting and remembring, the man and woman, love and hatred, outside and inside, shadow and light, distant and yet so close. I saw my country as a no man's land.
The narration is open and encourages the spectator to write a story, that of Bulgaria's forgotten past and today's post-Soviet reality."
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