Gao Brothers



The Gao Brothers are two Chinese brothers. The elder one Gao Qiang is born in 1962 whereas Gao Zhen is born in 1968. They grew up in Jinan, China and now work in Beijing.

The Gao Brothers are committed artists. They had to grow up without their father's presence during the Mao regime. Later on, they participated in the Tiananmen demonstrations, so their passports were taken away for several years. They took on a critical approach towards the Chinese society, and this can be felt in their work.

The Gao Brothers's works revolves around photography, theater, video, painting and sculpture...In 1989, their « China/Avant-Garde » exhibition at the National Gallery of Beijing was famous all over the world and put them in the limelight.
The creations of the two brothers allow them to question humanity and fraternity of the current world.

The Gao Brothers exhibit their work in well-known contemporary art museums, such as the Guggenheim foundation or the Moma in New York, The Centre Pompidou in Paris or even the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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solo exhibitions

2015 -- "Between the Walls of Utopia", IFA Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2014 -- "The Utopia of Construction", Museum of New Art, Detroit, USA
2014 -- "The Utopia of 20 Minutes Embrace ", RH Contemporary Art, New York, USA
2014 – “The Gao Brothers – Dissidents abroad”, MONA Museum, Detroit, USA
2013 – “Between Spiritual and material Spaces: the photographic World of the Gao Brothers”, Hua Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2013 – “The Gao Brothers: The Execution of Christ”, Albert Benamou Gallery, Paris, France
2013 – “The Gao Brothers”, Galerie Post + García, Maastricht, The Netherlands
2012 – “The Gao Brothers”, Vue Privée Gallery, Art Stage Singapore, Singapore.
2012 – “The Utopia of 20 Minutes Embrace” Piazza del Popolo, Rome, Italy
2011 – “The Gao Brothers”, Grandeur and Catharsis, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, USA.
2010 – “The Gao Brothers”, gallery Adrian David, Knokke-zoute (Kustlaan 335), Belgium
2010 – “The Gao Brothers”, Duncan Miller gallery, Los Angeles. USA
2010 – “Gao Brothers’ Portraits”, China Art Archives and Warehouse, Beijing
2010 – “The Gao Brothers: Grandeur and Catharsis”, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, USA
2008 – “Sense of Space”, Galerie Art Mur, Montreal, Canada
2008 – “Some Space for Humanity: Gao Brothers Photography Exhibition”, ifa gallery, Shanghai, China
2008 – “The Gao Brothers”, Vallois Gallery, Paris, France
2008 – “The Utopia of Construction”, Gao Brothers Center For Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
2007 – “The Gao Brothers”, Ballery, ox Art G, Verona, Italy
2007 – “The High Place: Gao Brothers Photography and Sculpture Exhibition”, Beijing New Art Projects, Beijing, China
2007 – “The Miserable Prostitutes: Gao Brothers’ Painting and Sculpture Exhibition”, Gao Brothers Center For Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
2007 – “The Gao Brothers”, Albert Benamou gallery, Paris, France
2007 – “The Gao Brothers”, Limn gallery, San Francisco, USA
2007 – “The Utopia of 20 Minutes Embrace”, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany
2007 – “From China with Love: Gao Brothers Photography and Sculpture Exhibition”, Walsh gallery, USA
2007 – “Another World: Gao Brothers Photography Exhibition”, Arles Photo Festival, France
2006 – “Miss Mao: Gao Brothers' Sculpture and Photography Exhibition”, Krampf/Pei Gallery, New York, USA
2006 – “One and Together: Gao Brothers Photography Exhibition”, Moscow House of Photography Gallery on Solyanka, Moscow
2006 – “The passage of Time: Gao Brothers Photography Exhibition”, La Galerie Guislain Etats d' Art, Paris, France
2006 – “The Utopia of Hugging”, London, Nottingham, Marseille, France
2006 – “Trope of Body: Gao Brothers' Photography Exhibition”, Beijing New Art Projects, Beijing, China
2005 – “One Abandoned Building’s Visual Story”, Beijing New Art Projects, China
2002 – “A Dinner With The Homeless People” - Performance, Jinan, China
2001 – “Embrace: Gao Brothers' New Works”, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China
2000 – “Fuse: Gao Brothers' Photography”, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, China
1995 – “The End of Mankind: Gao Brothers”, Installations, Jinan Painting Institute, China

selected group exhibitions

2013 – “Sensor Ship 0.46%”, Art Basel Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
2013 - Like Thunder Out of China, Arsenal Montreal, Montreal, Canada
2013 - “Investigation no.2: Mr & Mrs Zhang”, Art Paris Art Fair- ifa gallery, Paris, France
2012 – “my country” ifa gallery, Shanghai, China
2012 – “red land, yellow stars” Galerie Libre Cours & ifa gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2012 – “cells” SH CONTEMPORARY 12 – ifa gallery, Shanghai, China
2012 – “Un-Forbidden: the Post-Revolution of New Chinese Art”, Macro Museum, Rome, Italy
2012 – “Secret Love”, Ostasiatiska Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
2012 – “Death Show studio”, London.UK
2012 – “Bridge Over Trouble, 798 Yi Zhao Space, 798 Art District, Beijing, China
2012 – “Bore-Fear”, 798 Yi Zhao Space, 798 Art District, Beijing, China
2011 – “Drapeau rouge/Red Flag, Contemporary Chinese Art in Montreal Collections”, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada
2011 – “Pino Pascali return to Venice / Apulia Contemporary Art”, Palazzo Bianchi Michiel dal Brusà, Venice, Italy
2011 – “Verboten” Thomas Ammann Fine Art AG, Zurich, Switzerland
2011 – “Pino Pascali”. Return to Venice/Apulia Contemporary Art, Palazzo Michiel dal Brusà, Venice, Italy
2011 – “Middle East”, Middle Kingdom, Etemad Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2011 – “In God We Trust Contemporary Chinese Art”, Bard College, New York, USA
2010 – “Daegu Photo Biennale”, Daegu Culture and Art Center, Daegu, Korea
2010 – “Intramoenia Extra Art Mirages”, Alfonso’s Castle of Brindisi, Italy
2010 – “Reshaping History: China Art from 2000 to 2009”, National Conference Center, Beijing, China
2010 – “State of the Dao: Chinese Contemporary Art”, Lehman College Art Gallery, New York, USA
2010 – “Hot Bed: Shandong Contemporary Art”, Sunshine International Museum, Beijing, China
2009 – “Vancouver Biennale”, Vancouver, Canada
2009 – “Action-Camera, Beijing Performance Photography”, Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2009 – “Made in China”, the Museum of New Art (MONA), Detroit, USA
2009 – “The Very Condition”, Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China
2009 – “Contact Photo Festival”, Drake Hotel, Toronto, Canada
2009 – “Between the Sexes”, Paris Beijing Photo Gallery, Beijing, China
2009 – “Xun Dao: Searching for Spirituality in Contemporary Chinese Art”, Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York, USA
2008 – “Mahjong, Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection”, The Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, USA
2008 – “The 2008 Foto Fest, 12th International Photography Biennial”, Houston, USA
2008 – “China…Forward: China Contemporary Art, TSUM”, Moscow, Russia
2008 – “Ah! We: Chinese Contemporary Art 1978-2008”, China National Theatre, Beijing, China
2007 – “The Exhibition Of Chinese Contemporary Social Art”, The State Tretyakov Museum, Moscow, Russia
2007 – “Chinese Aroma-Huantie Times Chinese Art Invitation Exhibition, Huan Tie Times Art, Beijing, China
2007 – “Made in Beijing: China Contemporary Art”, Modern Art Museum of Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
2007 – “China Under Construction: Contemporary Art from the People’s Republic”, Beborah Colton Gallery, Houston, USA.
2007 – “Dragon’s Evolution”, China Square Art Center, New York, USA
2007 – “Breathe: Shandong Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Shandong Museum, Jinan, China
2006 – “Ten Chinese Avant-garde Photographers ”, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China
2006 – “Photography of Gao Brothers, Matteo Basile and Raimondo Galeano”, Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy
2006 – “Miss Mao”, Black List Projects, London, UK
2006 – “Between Art and Architecture”, 798 Avant Gallery, New York, USA
2006 – “Beijing-Soldiers at the Gates”, Factory 798, Dashanzi Art District, Beijing, China
2006 – “The First Annual Exhibition Of Chinese Contemporary Art”, China Century Altar, Beijing, China
2006 – “My Space, Your Space”, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, USA
2006 – “Brothers”, Xin Dong Chen Space For Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
2006 – “Ruins”, Inova Art Center, Peckschool of Art, University of Wisconsion, Milwaukee, USA
2006 – “Field OF VIision: Beijing”, Beijing New Art Projects, Beijing, China
2006 – “Post Electronic Image”, MUSTBE Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China
2006 – “5×7 Frame Decide the Attitude” Exhibition in Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China
2006 – “Photographing China”, The Circumvallation Site of Ming Dynasty, Beijing, China
2006 – “Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China”, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, USA
2005 – “The Second Reality: Photographs From China”, Piazza of Berlaymont building, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
2005 – “Field of Vision: Extremes”, The Institute for New Media, Frankfurt, Germany
2005 – “The Gesture. Visual Library in progress”, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece
2005 – “Tian An Men - Tian An Men - Gate to Heaven”, Foam Photography Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2005 – “A UTOPIA OF THE VISIBLE: 13 Outstanding Art Photographers In China”, Beijing New Art Projects, 798 Art District, Beijing, China
2005 – “Placed in China”, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, USA
2005 – “The Flower in the Ruin: Contemporary Image Exhibition”, Niu Fang Depot, Macau, China
2005 – “Unlimit: Gao Brothers, Huang Yan & Zhang Tiemei's Computerized Photography”, Beijing New Art Projects, 798 Art District, Beijing, China
2005 – “The City in 360 Degrees: French and Chinese Photographers in China”, Beijing New Art, 798 Art District, Beijing, China
2005 – “China Avant-Garde: Contemporary Chinese Art”, ARENA, Santa Monica, USA
2005 – “Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China”, Victoria and Albert Museum London, UK
2005 – “China Avant-Garde: Contemporary Chinese Art”, ARENA, Santa Monica, USA
2005 – “Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China”, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, USA
2005 – “Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China”, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, Chicago, USA
2005 – “Start To Fly: He Xiangning Art Museum OCAT Contemporary art Collection”, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
2005 – “Vehicle and Mirror Image", Beijing New Art Projects”, Beijing, China
2005 – “Forge The Fable”, Must Be Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China
2005 – “Scratch Or China-Singapore Digital Image Art Exhibition”, Beijing New Art Projects, 798 Art District, Beijing, China
2005 – “2005 Pingyao International Photography Exhibition” Pingyao, China
2004 – “Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China”, International Center of Photography and Asia Society, New York
2004 – “Tiananmen”, Chinese Eyes Gallery, Paris
2004 – “Design the marble – 40 international artists in Carrara”, Carrara, Italy
2003 – “The 2nd International Photo Festival of Rome”. L'Officina, Rome, Italy
2003 – “Chinese Art Today”, China Century Altar, Beijing, China
2003 – “SOHO Contemporary” Art Exhibition, SOHO Street, Beijing, China
2003 – “Bare Androgyny” - A group show of Contemporary Art, 798 Art Community, Beijing, China
2002 – “The First Triennial Of Chinese Arts”. Guangzhou Art Museum. China
2002 – ““2002 Pingyao International Photography Exhibition”, Pingyao, China
2001 – “The 5th Los Angeles International Biennale”, Bergamot Station Arts Center, Los Angeles, USA
2001 – “The First Tirana Biennale”, National Gallery & Chinese Pavilion, Albania
2001 – “Nice International Photography Festival: Chinese Album”, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice, France
2001 – “Mao Y'a Pas Photo", the Espace d' Art Contemporain of La Rochelle, Paris, France
2001 – “Rotate 360” - Chinese Plan Art Exhibition, Paragold Int'I Art Centre, Shanghai, China
2000 – “China Avant-garde Artists' Documents”, Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan
2000 – “Portraits, Figures, Couples and Groups from the MCAF collection”, Biz’Art, Shanghai, China
2000 – “China Avant-garde Artists Documents”, Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan
2000 – “Family?” Contemporary Art Project, Yuexing International Furniture Center, Shanghai, China
2000 – “Man and Animal”, performance show, Beijing, China.
1999 – “The 2nd Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture”, Shenzhen, China
1999 – “The Documentary Exhibition of World Chinese Installation Art”, Hong Kong Art Commune, China
1999 – “The Picture and Writing Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Artists, Gallery of Nanjing Teachers University, China
1999 – “Out Of Control, Design Art Museum, Beijing, China
1999 – The Documentary Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Chengdu, China
1992 – “Guangzhou Biennale”, Guangzhou, China
1989 – “China Avant-Garde”, China National Art Museum, Beijing, China
1985 – “Shandong Modern Art Exhibition”, Jinan, China

selected catalogues

“The Gao Brothers – The Utopia of Construction”, Jef Bourgeau, Paul Smith, Jessica Hopkins, The Museum of New Art, Detroit, 2014
“The Gao Brothers – Grandeur & Catharsis”, Arthur Hwang, Barbara O’Brien, Kemper Museum of contemporary Art, Kansas City, 2010
“Portraits – Gao Brother’sOil Painting Exhibition”, Achille Bonito Oliva, Ai Weiwei, China Art Archives and Warehouse, 2010
"Some Space for Humanity -Gao Brothers Solo Exhibition", Ifa Gallery, Shanghai, 2008
"Gao Brothers", Vallois Gallery, Paris, France 2008
"Gao Brothers", Albert Benamou Gallery, Paris, France 2007
"Gao Brothers - Another World", Arles Photo Festival, 2007
"Gao Brothers", Boxart Gallery,Verona, 2007
"Gao Brothers' The High Place", Walsh Gallery, Chicago, 2007
"Gao Brothers - 1985-2005", Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, 2006
"Gao Brothers -Miss Mao", Krampf/Pei Gallery, New York, 2006
"Gao Brothers' One And Together", Moscow House of Photography, Moscow, 2006
"Gao Brothers - The Passage Of Time", Paris, 2006
"Gao Brothers", The CourtYard Gallery Of Beijing, 2001
"Critical: The Great Crucifix Series & Other Works - Dialogue, Critical Discourse and Study on Gao Brothers' Art", Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House Of China, 1996

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