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Francesca Brenda Mitterrand


Francesca Brenda Mitterrand is the daughter of a painter from Curaçao and a French mother, the rich career of Mitterrand began in Colombia. Her youth was deeply marked by the violence of Colombian society, which triggered anger and rebellion within her. She followed in her father's footsteps, and joined the art school of Bogota. This is when she began exploring: she traveled around the world and finished her adventure in Paris, where she currently lives . These paintings transpose her emotions, her amazement or shock during her travels, but also a search for movement, in a sensitive and lively manner. Her works require many days of preparation, as the artist sincerely shapes the canvas, and applies layers of glue,in order to develop the raw material. The creative process begins on a canvas, which is then laid on the ground, and the artist moves around it. The final work is a true testimony of the artist's enthusiasm, through these contrasting and energetic paintings. The career of Francesca Brenda Mitterrand really took off in Asia: she exhibited in prestigious institutions like the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Beijing (MOCA), the Yan Art Museum, MOCA in Tianjin, the Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum, the Joshi Prize Art Gallery, Cinquini Gallery in Shanghai, not to mention the Fugasaki Art Fair in Japan. Moreover, the artist willingly leaves her workshop from time to time, for example the fashion show in Beijing or a current collaboration with David Picazo, the architect, for the creation of a monumental work, a "wall" Canvas of more than 12 meters long ...
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  • Colombian Artist

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Intensity & Spirit

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Intensity & Spirit
From November, 4 To December, 31 2016