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Pierre Bodo

Born in: 1953

Democratic Republic of Congo

Pierre Bodo was born in 1953 in a village in Bas-Congo and died in March 2015 in Kinshasa (DRC), city in wihch he settled in 1970. Like for the vast mojority of artists in Kinshasa, his first steps in painting were for advertising purposes. He opened his first workshop in 1972. By the end of the 70s, he converted and joined the Pentecostal Church. This transformation was reflected in his art, and during twenty years, Pierre Bodo ;;;;; in his painting to his religious commitment, which became a major source of inspiration for the artist. His pieces are full of witches and demons, fought by divine redemptive forces. However, his aesthetic freedom is total, and he reinsterprets religious subjects his own way. During the 90s, He opened up to new horizons and approached the subject of supernatural nature in his painting, moving away from religious subjects. He painted groups of elegant men with heads of birds, who are very careful about their appearance, and like the birds are constantly taking care of their plumage, having the need of being permanently perfect. A subtle reflection about the image of ourselves. Pastor, Pierre Bodo was the head of a local organization for several years. His supernatural universe earned him the name of "African Bosch". A leader of African contemporary Art, his work was exhibited at the Cartier Foundation in 2015 during the retrospective "Beauté Congo-Congo Kitoko"
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