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Brigitte Aliot

France Born in: 1972
Brigitte Aliot lives and works in Lyon (France).

Are we always aware? What are the constituent elements of our identity? What is the between in the conscience? What is there between not? The spirit would share obscure? This share obscure, would it precisely what is meant by the term the unconscious?

Brigitte Aliot explores in his painting these margins of the field of consciousness, these unknown locations, these locations or in the dark, are emerging probably constructs which escape us. Its science is developed around the idea that the unconscious phenomena are not of residual habits, or just a sort of inertia of the thought in the matter, but that they are on the contrary organized from the inside by an intention and a desire that escape us. Proceeding from this premise, it is for the artist to convene the architecture whose references familiar and reassuring, enable him to consider a possible plan, a potential figurative representation of these phenomena.

Se then form under our eyes a kind of imaginary cartography, dense networks, tissues become metaphorically urban, collective, composed of brownfield sites, ruins, small spaces which intertwine, close to each other, to leave, to meet, as seen from the top. She just guide us in these outrageously entrelacs geometric by technical drawings on these mechanisms that are at work when we think or act. How to discern the action of the unconscious? By marking everything that in the behavior falls within the automatism. Everything that is thought, is being said, done or is painted in the pulsion and in the inattention, in the absence. For example, there is of the painting to Brigitte Aliot, automatic, emotional, behind, nuanced, and yet if cartesian.
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