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Richard Texier

France Born in: 1955 Emergent Artist
Richard Texier is a considered to be one of the most influential contemporary artists, he is a French painter and sculptor born in Niort on 28th June, 1955. He lives and works in Paris, in the Butte-aux-Cailles quarter, after his childhood in the Poitiers region. He graduated in art and architecture, he prolonged his studies by obtaining a PHD in visual arts at Sorbonne. In 1975, he moved to NYC and began a nomad career which he called « Ateliers Nomades ». He became an eternal wanderer through the creation of spaces worldwide.

Paris Match spoke about him "The popularity of this almost sexagenarian who feel one with nature, nomadic and constantly " amazed "with life is at his peak. He himself agrees having seduced a fashionable clientele of American, Belgian, and financial collectors but also tycoons from China, Singapore and Hong-Kong"(Elisabeth Chavelet, 2015).

His first exhibition was at FIAC in 1982, with the Claudine Bréguet gallery. In 1989, the French State ordered a series of tapestries on the theme of Declaration of Human and Citizen Rights of 1789 for the bicentenary of the French Revolution. The creations were displayed at the Opera Bastille, Arche de la Defense, the National Assembly, the Aubusson Museum, the European Parliament and the Luxembourg Museum in Paris.

Since November 6, 2015, his red bronze sculpture: Angel Bear, more than 7 meters in height which portrays a bear with wings, is placed on the Gare du Nord square in Paris. It evokes the downward spiral of polar bears due to global warming, one of his favorite themes.
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Richard Texier, La figure de l'échelle, Print

Richard Texier

La figure de l'échelle, 1999
63 x 45.3 inch


Richard Texier, Pilots, Print

Richard Texier

Pilots, 2006
19.7 x 14.4 inch


Richard Texier, D'ici, Print

Richard Texier

D'ici, 2006
22.8 x 26.4 inch


Richard Texier, Mille chats, Print

Richard Texier

Mille chats, 2011
19.7 x 13 inch


Richard Texier, Ambourg Bay, Print

Richard Texier

Ambourg Bay, 2006
19.7 x 14.2 inch


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