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Pierre Paul Marchini


Originally from Ajaccio, Pierre-Paul Marchini is part of the 50 new masters of contemporary art, besides masters such as Kandisky or Pollock, according to a book of art published in English by professionals in Italy (Diffused in galleries of modern art, for collectors). An painter of abstraction and informality, his geometric .... translate the impulses of his soul. By diverting the theory of colors and exploring each material, he creates a rupture with classic tools. Pierre-Paul Marchini goes beyond simple representation and dives in the pure psychology. Color is carried to his paroxysm with great freedom. An international art critic, Salvatore Russo, writes about him: "His painting is characterized by a great genious, with which the artist draws his lines. it is a painting in action. A painting, that shouts strongly about situations that involve modern man. A painting, that is emerging in contemporary art, and he is a great protagonist". Pierre-Paul Marchini exhibits his work regularly in Parisian galleries, he exhibited his work at the Fiac in 2012 and won the third prize of painting at the grand international contemporary art competition in 2014. His works were listed in the 2015 edition of the contemporary artists' dictionary.
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