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Fantines Andrès

France Born in: 1983
Fantines Andrès was born in 1983 in France. She lives and works in Strasbourg. She has studied art at the Graduate School of Art and Design of Saint-etienne (France) between 2004 and 2009.

Winner of the Arts of Rotary in 2012, Fantines Andres draws to the lead mine scenes composed of found objects, materials, hair, birds as if they had been rescued from a strange cataclysm ...

Here is how she describes her work:

"My drawing work begins by a phase of documentation. I photograph objects selected for their different aspects, textures, colors, lights, with the goal of building a bank of images. These are stored, sorted, used or set aside ... to finally be assembled.

Corals, raw meats, cigarette butts are the elements identified, anchored in the real, whose connotations attract or numb. My challenge is for me to detach from these impressions expected. The objects noble and less noble cohabiting then randomly, up to verge on the hybridization, and the prospects are becoming impossible. They float and sometimes their statutes will cancel thus preventing a coherent landscape.

The rendering tends to first view to a certain realism, but the objects are used, processed: the branches of trees become geometrical, the meat will morph in stick. Very rich and textures, they are confused and that reflect the true party-taken. They are not simply reproduced but appropriate. This kind of nature dead is suspended between two states, stroking the limits of the frightening and the seductive, arousing the question mark.

Passionate by the sensual rendering, but also disturbing that allows the graphite, my drawings find a balance intriguing. The latter is reinforced by the white background paper, the drawings are as slices or glues. The colors are strong and homogeneous, contradicting a contrast waited too."
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