Sébastien Bayet

Born in: 1969



Born in Hirson (Picardie, France) in 1969, Sebastien Bayet lives and works in Reims.

For him, the expression of the painting must come from the subject, not from the material. His first subjects were very often lifeless, as he would always search for the violent or disruptive. In the following years, the artist became interested in living expressions such as pain, the lack of freedom and social roles.

Sébastien Bayet's works, with their excesses and many directions they take, force our intimate thoughts in order to make us more lucid.

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Sébastien Bayet, Ingres/Murillo, Painting

Sébastien Bayet

Ingres/Murillo, 2015
162 x 114 cm

6 000 €

Sébastien Bayet, Le déjeuner sur l'herbe, Painting

Sébastien Bayet

Le déjeuner sur l'herbe, 2015
114 x 146 cm

5 000 €

Sébastien Bayet, Atelier Vermeer, Drawing

Sébastien Bayet

Atelier Vermeer, 2015
146 x 114 cm

Sold out

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