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Raphael Bouyer

Born in: 1991



Raphael Bouyer is a French painter born in Montauban in 1991. He obtained a high school degree in fine arts and then did superior studies in art. Not feeling in the right place, he chose to quit his training in 2012. He currently lives and works in Toulouse.

The artist, who evolves in a world of figuration, has developed a characteristic artistic approach along the years. His work charaterizes by a predilection for pink tones, which create an very special mood. The artist creates almost surrealist scenes, which emit a plurarility of sensations and can not leave the observer indifferent.

The artist exhibits his work regularly in French galleries since 2013. His first solo exhibition took place in Toulouse in 2015. That same year, the artist was selected by the jury of a Parisian gallery for the France/China exhibition in Chengdu (China). He also received the Grand Prize for Young Talents "Bushes".

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Raphael Bouyer, Les divergents : 5, Painting

Raphael Bouyer

Les divergents : 5, 2016
97 x 130 x 4 cm

4 000 €

Raphael Bouyer, Running damage, Painting

Raphael Bouyer

Running damage, 2015
80 x 80 cm

3 000 €

Raphael Bouyer, Dockside smog, Painting

Raphael Bouyer

Dockside smog, 2016
130 x 97 x 4 cm

4 000 €

Raphael Bouyer, L'agneau égaré, Painting

Raphael Bouyer

L'agneau égaré, 2015
116 x 89 cm

3 600 €

Raphael Bouyer, The Magenta Monks, Painting

Raphael Bouyer

The Magenta Monks, 2015
100 x 100 x 4 cm

4 000 €

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