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Christophe FOURNIER was born inTours in September 1967. He studied at the School of Applied Arts of Poitiers "Bugeant Bégeaut". After his study, he worked for 16 years in the creation and execution in advertising agency, profession of rigor and total control. He could have relied totally on these solid foundations. No, it bases its work on a simple and difficult principle at once. Toof, is seeking a perfect balance between the frank, innocent thought of childhood and that retained and analyzed of an adult (something completely opposite) .This balance is difficult to obtain, one must be careful not to tilt On one side or the other. In this equilibrium, Toof invites us to more or less optimistic journeys, showing a world tinged with irony and bitterness, in which fierce humor and cynical poetry mingle. Everything is inspiration: every moment, object, word, scene of life often leaves room for a certain gravity; But the cheerfulness of the colors used in the canvases rebalances the whole "in the world everything is a matter of balance". Painting tense and energetic, lively and instinctive, TOOF's work comfortably confirms us to the world: the spectator will find there a sharp criticism of the society that surrounds us, or an appeasement to see it thus represented. Beyond the point of view of the observer, it is a desire to describe the daily life that animates the painter. Whether his work is called free figuration or abstract expressionism, Toof seeks above all the exploration of different techniques, a principle of balance between a reflective technique and the instinctive. No taboo and external constraint, just the search for esthetics whether conventional (beautiful, academic) or unconventional (hazardous, uncontrolled), thus declining in the often violent tones of complex compositions: thicknesses, successive layers, overlapping , Duplication. Armed with a pastel or a fat pencil he does not hesitate to cover or insist on a detail. "Every balance is built on oppositions". As if Toof proposed to revolt discreetly Against this world created by ourselves.
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  • French Artist

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From April, 8 To April, 29 2017