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Pierre Ribà

France Born in: 1936
Pierre Riba lives and works in the south of France and in Spain.

For a long time he exhibited regularly his works (sculptures, low-relief murals and graphic works) in France and throughout the world.

The primitive charm of modernity...

Cutouts, collages, structure. A three step waltz, carried by the haunting rugged textures of the cardboard sheets. Pierre Riba draws his strength from the break-up with this support while integrating it in a new approach. He gives, throughthe filter of creation, a new power to an object initially judge any. Ensures a sacred function which is housed, in a new ritual wanted by the veterans, that some shall appoint today design.

"My identity is that of the peasants of the Ardeche, slow men who need a lot of time to say the things ... with the little with the simple.
I oscillates between serenity of origins and tears of life.
In my work the material is not only a means in the service of a thought, it also participates in the training of thought ... this work has sometimes a gross aspect almost primitive-sometimes more sophisticated.
I liked the simple forms and sleek. I am inclined to release my work of the anecdote, to decant the reality of its slag, its connotations.
I want to go to the essential, i flourish in the sobriety, the simplification of forms. I am trying to get rid of any incidental effect.
My work is travelled of images which come from far away, vestiges of a elsewhere, and are yet of our time.
My works do not lose their marks identifiable between imaginary and reality, between serenity hoped and tears."

- Pierre Riba
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Pierre Ribà, Nautile, Sculpture

Pierre Ribà

Nautile, 2010
78 x 73 x 15 cm

€ 5,800

Pierre Ribà, Ciudad bianca, Sculpture

Pierre Ribà

Ciudad bianca, 1997
75 x 65 x 15 cm

€ 6,000

Pierre Ribà, Swing, Sculpture

Pierre Ribà

Swing, 2018
105 x 65 x 11 cm

€ 4,000

Pierre Ribà, Clovis, Sculpture

Pierre Ribà

Clovis, 2019
65 x 33 x 18 cm

€ 3,600

Pierre Ribà, Dreamland, Sculpture

Pierre Ribà

Dreamland, 2017
120 x 80 x 15 cm

€ 7,000

Pierre Ribà, Guiseppe, Sculpture

Pierre Ribà

Guiseppe, 2020
41 x 33 x 10 cm

€ 2,800

Pierre Ribà, Fleur céleste, Sculpture

Pierre Ribà

Fleur céleste, 2016
70 x 68 x 12 cm

Sold out

Pierre Ribà, Only love, Sculpture

Pierre Ribà

Only love, 2016
104 x 94 x 15 cm

Sold out

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