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Aurel Prevost

France Born in: 1980
Translation in progress

Suggest marks a new stage in the complicity between Aurel Prevost and the Speerstra Gallery, after a first individual exhibition in 2013 that did not go unnoticed. With his young and able hands, Aurel Prevost aka Rubbish rekindles his personal memories, whilst revealing astonishing influences; since 2010, he has made paper cut-outs the master technique of his whole work. Lengthy observation, assimilation of knowledge, many hours of rigorous patience cutting out all sorts of paper, Aurel’s work is at once a tribute to Nature and a window to his quietened soul, scattered in worlds brimming with aestheticism.

Originally from Besancon, the artist continues his research in plastic arts in the series Metamorphosis in this second individual exhibition, where his fascination for animal life and tattooing is particularly developed. In paper lace that is now easily associated with his name, he gently blends hyper-realistic faces with organic forms, habitual tattoo designs with astonishing animal figures. A somewhat disturbing dreamlike quality emanates from these works that are sometimes of significant size, underlining the intimate relation between the artist, his tools and his materials.

Suggest is also a new series on the eye, window of the soul as he likes reminding us, a tribute to this powerful symbol. Observer, universalist, protector, Aurel’s eye brings a new dimension to the art of paper cutting and more generally to the pop-surrealist movement, a counter-cultural contemporary trend that is insolently creative. In the spirit of the modern romantic that he is, Aurel Prevost once again demonstrates his talent in conveying us to an imaginary world full of mystery and wrapped in a majestic generosity.
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