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Claire Trotignon

Born in: 1983



Claire Trotignon was born in 1983 in Paris, where she currently lives and works. A graduate with honors from the Tours Beaux-Arts in 2008, Claire Trotignon affirmed herself as one of the most talented artists of her generation.

Her entire practice revolves around a questioning of the codes that underscore our reality. Through complex installations, series of drawings, collages or photographs, she never ceases to put the present into question.

Claire Trotignon builds spaces in a literal and figurative sense, as children’s huts on a sheet of paper. Sometimes she takes inspiration inspired from the universe of skateboarding, a way for her to appropriate spaces, like a surveyor. In her drawings she sometimes depicts empty pools covered with graffiti. Painted in gouache on paper, or scanned and retouched, they offer areas inviting to be explored.

She assembles fragments -- after having retouched, lightened and enhanced their contrasts -- to draw romantic landscapes whose energy is inspired by the atmosphere of Hubert Robert or Caspar David Friedrich’s paintings. There are sometimes more than two hundred fragments of rocks, vegetation, clouds or mountains that are glued to each other, almost imperceptibly. Through these assemblages, she draws a cartography of the history of art.

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  • French Artist

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