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Rite of passage or symbolisation of emotional attachment, the tattoo carries with itself the expression of life.
Symbolisation of the world, it contributes to its demarcation of an infinite universe.
In response to our permanently moving societies where speed, intensity and standardisation dominate; the human beings lose their references and see within the tattoo a way to rediscover a sense of individuality.
Through this new series, the artist Bôôl is using the tattoo as passage. Moving from one reality to another. This is how the owl, nocturnal predator, displays its role of protector. Or how the heart, vital organ, supports emotions; including different states of love.
The saturation found in the canvasses and graphics, are a parallel to our contemporary world, which is soaked in “too much of everything”.
Bôôl, the plastic artist, évolues within a pictorial world. Inspired by nature and its symbolisations, he uses both the figurative and the abstract. Firstly to narrate humans and the society. Secondly, referring to the depths of human kind in a more introspective way.
He does not let himself be defined one form of expression only. His artistic quest is based upon a retranscription of his personal history and environnement. A territory where colors and texture dominate. This makes him, as he sais so himself, a multifaceted painter. Experimenting with different sensations and techniques. It’s important to him for each series to be a moment of poetry and beauty. for the series to be a mirror, to tell a story which joins ours.
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Artphotoby presents Animals by Bôôl


Artphotoby presents Animals by Bôôl
From June, 15 To June, 25 2017