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Born in Laos, at the mouth of the Mekong’s river, in 1959, I came to settle in Lyon in 1976. As a graphic designer by profession, painter by passion, I paint urban scenes and rural landscapes. I take my inspiration in France (notably Lyon and its area) and all around the world.

I offer watchers an aesthetic of movement and light effects which most often apply to the urban world. My touch would close to impressionists, for I do not paint objects but reflects. I like to capture the mark of a movement, immortalize on the canvas the atmosphere of a rainy day, and lose a figure in the back blur… A street scene in an urban environment, a regatta out at sea, a play action during a rugby game or a zoom on Musicians in the middle of a concert… I try to convey back an atmosphere by trying to be as right as possible. My fancy: lead the watcher into feeling integrated in life scenes, or urban scenes I paint.

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Guyen, Stop and stare, Painting


Stop and stare, 2015
100 x 100 x 3 cm

1 500 €

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