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Victoria Klotz

Born in: 1969


Victoria Klotz was born in 1969, just when the artists in the Land Art
movement were opening up new lines of thinking about nature, when the
traditional rural world was undergoing deep-seated upheavals, and when a
burgeoning ecological movement seemed capable of asserting a societal
renewal. She has studied at the Toulouse Beaux-Arts School (France) and today she lives in the mountains, between the Pyrenees and the Alps.

In this context, many contemporary artistic approaches were developed. Oddly enough, rare are those -- like Victoria’s -- which created a
dialogue between these many different resources which today still underpin the at times conflictual relationship we have with our environment.

As it happens, the work that Victoria Klotz has been involved in since 1997
sheds new light on this issue by unnostalgically questioning the fragile balance existing between man and the world that houses him, and in particular our relations to nature and the animal kingdom, be it wild or domesticated.

Well aware that humankind must return to a fairer use of the world, but refusing to kowtow to the moral codes which govern the mood of the times, Victoria Klotz does not hesitate to base her work on a close relation with the wild part that lurks within us by, for example, rehabilitating the customs and traditions of an outmoded country style.

As a huntress and predator, and a thoroughly straightforward way, Victoria Klotz thus raises the strategies of the beater and tracker to the realm of the sublime, and makes forgotten realities, regarded by some as shameful, once more the flavor of the day: so the pleasures of angling, the patient observation of a beat, and traditional meals after a hunt are all subjects which she deals with like phenomena that can really transform an apparently obsolete reality.
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  • French Artist

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