René Botti

Born in: 1941



Painter and illustrator of the imaginary. After studying at the school of Applied Arts as well as at the School of Graphic Arts, he chose to follow a career as an illustrator in the 60s.

René Botti uses heterogeneous materials often from urban areas, including wooden fences which blend ironic compositions in the same pictorial work. By transforming the elements, the artist creates works that are as readable as a text and reflect our contemporary condition, ambiguous and harassed by words.

His work is always extraordinary, bringing out the wonders of every stage of life. It speaks to the heart and to the intelligence of everyone who encounter it.

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René Botti, Figure "Double Face", Print

René Botti

Figure "Double Face", 2014
51 x 37 cm

180 €

René Botti, L'indifférence de l'art, Print

René Botti

L'indifférence de l'art, 2000
150 x 100 cm

950 €

Galeries Va & Vient Paris

Figure - Street art book
From November, 15 To January, 31 2015
Paris - France

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