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Patrick Braoudé

Born in: 1954



Before becoming an actor, the director and film producer Patrick Braoudé was a photographer. When he received his first camera at age 17, he developed a passion for photography. Then, for a time, the passion died out, only to return a little later, and suddenly, with a different approach. The desire to photograph movement and rediscover the pleasure of being a photographer was back.

“As a filmmaker who enjoys watching his fellow man, I like looking around the beach: groups of friends meeting up, families on vacation, couples on a romantic getaway. My photographs are ‘spied’ snapshots of life. The characters are often seen from behind, sometimes hidden or shot against the light, unrecognizable except, perhaps, to themselves… They become blurs, shadow puppets, spots of color. The special light of Normandy gives the sea its amazing shades of grey green and Prussian blue, the sand a rare gentleness, and the parasols and beach accessories their sunny glow. These photos are like the storyboard for an upcoming film.” (Patrick Braoudé)

His peculiar photographs have a strong pictorial aspect. Blurred with saturated colors are never digitally retouched, the result is close to impressionism and pointillism. These are simple photographs of simple pleasures.

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In time for Christmas
Patrick Braoudé, Nue, Photography

Patrick Braoudé

Nue, 2016
13 x 13 cm


Galerie Christian Croset - Atelier Art actuel

Wave and spirit
From November, 6 To November, 26 2016
Nogent-sur-Marne - France

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