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Roland Cat

Born in: 1943


Born in 1943, Roland Cat lives and works near Paris.

Roland Cat depicts inner life, the life of the depths, life of ancient days, or life in the future, but he never depicts a collection of conventions and shams supposed to constitute "real life".

To this shadow theatre we falsy believe to be reality – blinded as we are by an almighty absent – mindedness – Roland Cat prefers the sole reality of fancy: life underneath the surface of the oceans, after the City of Is and our arrogant megapolis were engulfed, life inside dreams full of ludicrous and abrupt changes of subject, life before man, that is the lost paradise, life after man, when meek and mild elephants will contemplate our wiped-out cities, our rusted-over factories and our buckled, abstract and useless "work“of art”.

Man will not be remembered anymore.
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  • French Artist

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