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Born in: 1970


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Laurent Dachet was born on 28 December 1970 in the Paris suburbs. He spends his childhood and adolescence in a "rocked / troubled" suburb, in the first American-inspired village where similar houses have an open garden and impeccably shorn lawns, where everyone tries to cultivate illusory happiness. The image of Epinal which it is necessary to imitate is that of social success such as the dreams of the petty bourgeois who succeeded, to borrow the title of a famous book by Henri Miller, the young man has the sensation of to evolve into an air conditioned Nightmare. In order to escape from this ideal world and the violence of a teenage adolescence devoid of love, where everything must be set in reference to a predefined set of specifications, that of the good citizen ready to burst out of his own banality,he plunges into the drawing. He becomes an architect to show his family that he can do as well, see better than his fathers. But, despite an obvious social success, he is conscious of the inanity of his life and gradually darkens in a state of depressive and alcoholic euphoria. Until the day when he realizes that he runs after the same chimeras as his parents, that is to say, very little. He escapes death... reflects... makes his own choices and rebuilds himself through his artistic creation... For two years... soothed... he is reborn...
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