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Alain Vaissière

Born in: 1958


Alain Vaissière communicates his creative energy, inspiration and enthusiasm in his artistic work made of drawings, photos and digital elements. He delivers a cocktail of colors, imagination, poetry and fun! He is 56 and lives in the South of France in Toulouse. He graduated from Stanford University in California and got a great professional career as an engineer, than manager in the Satellite Business Industry. Young child, he had the head in the stars and his dream materialized in the Space. Now the dream has got a new form, in a shape of a new space made of images. It is during numerous professional business trips that he brings back pictures and hand drawings made on a sketchbook. Alain uses his extensive experience with both photography and drawing to compose images that go beyond the surface of the subject to provoke feeling and engage in the mystery and magic of the world around us. He explores the countless ways life expresses itself. There is joy, lightness that irrigates through his images. There is always tenderness, a strong human presence even when Alain Vaissière goes into total abstraction. ‘’This is modern, poetic, beautiful, fun …‘’ are the words, which are often used about his work! His quest is permanent: Give sense to images, give emotion and pleasure to those who will one day meet his work. His work is digital and printed on Aluminium Dibond in limited edition (maximum 5) and is then lacquered. Together with his images, those techniques procure a very unique contemporary feeling. Alain Vaissière is referenced as a permanent artist in a lot of Galleries in France, and also in Morocco.
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  • French Artist

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Wilfred, Alain Vaissière
From October, 19 To October, 25 2017