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Xavier Prieur

France Born in: 1982
Born in 1982 in Saint-Rémy, Xavier Prieur lives and works in Paris.

Xavier Prieur is fascinated by matter, its texture, its asperities, and likes to hijack the function of the canvases. He rips, mixes, accumulates and overlaps everything that men produce and consume: posters, books, magazines, spices, fruit... Xavier Prieur freezes in his works the ephemeral, the perishable. He "eviscerates" and rips the canvas, destroys the chassis, repairs it and reconstructs it. His work is like a healing wound or a wound that opens again to lets us see the past inside it. The artist seems to suggest that nothing is final, everything is in progress.

At the same time, the repetition creates a soothing constancy whose print stays on the canvas. Xavier Prieur's work is a timeless battle: he tries to seize the overflow, to keep a trace, to compose and recompose with the help of time. There is a "terrible" element in his works, something that reflects our inability to conjure fate. Xavier negociates. He works quickly, he takes time, but he is in a hurry to say everything he needs to say, to exorcize the time passing and the tragedy of it all.
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