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Bruno Fontana

Born in: 1977



Bruno Fontana is a French photographer born in 1977 who lives and works in Paris. He discovered his interest in photography and architecture at an early age, and taught himself photography.

His work - that could be described as documentary - revolves around the representation of the urban environment, landscape, monuments, memory and our relation to space. He often uses typologies in his practice, the result of a protocol developed in time through numerous shots and methodical thinking.

Bruno Fontana extracts forms that recur in our urban landscape, collects and identifies the invisible in our daily lives, and presents them in photographic compositions. His photos are repeated with slight variations, rendering the human elements behind the apparent uniformity visible. This way, Bruno Fontana also identifies with a historical approach by trying to showcase the everyday forms that make the setting of our lives.

Bruno Fontana's view of the wold is both poetic and scientific: each item that he photographs refers to a whole and speaks of humanity, although people don't appear in his photographs.

Bruno Fontana was awarded the SFR Young Talent Prize at the Rencontres d'Arles in 2013, and the Moscow International Photo Award in 2015. His works have been exhibited at YIA Art Fair (Paris, 2015), Art Paris Art Fair (Paris, 2015) and Slick Art Fair (Paris, 2014).

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Bruno Fontana, Typologies : Intérieurs, Photography

Bruno Fontana

Typologies : Intérieurs, 2015
200 x 200 x 4 cm

7 000 €

Bruno Fontana, Typologies : Maisons Meunier, Photography

Bruno Fontana

Typologies : Maisons Meunier, 2015
200 x 200 x 4 cm

7 000 €

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