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Susanna Massa


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Through painting, Susanna expresses her inexhaustible desire to give a little of her and her universe, torn, passionate, dramatic and dreamlike. Her wounds, her ingenuous credulity in the face of a world that is so heavy in her eyes that she is so keen, her tender sweetness, childlike and motherly at the same time, all her mixed emotions are exposed in a raw and intuitive way, sometimes at the mercy of his boundless inspiration. Without detours or masks, the artist imbues us with her mystical energy, sometimes desperate, but always overflowing with love. Dancer, poet, and today emerging painter, Susanna invites us to a journey interspersed with softness, lightness, fluidity where her passions and her sufferings come to upset this magical universe. Susanna Massa is a complete artist in search of the least feelings that life offers her. Few creatives who hide behind some awkward sails, because of their timidity or misplaced sensitivity, Susanna, she dances for all this and speaks without falsity to the love embodied, voluntary and so natural. This love that she has experienced and that she delicately launches on the purest white that is, the canvas, is the reflection of her feelings. Her personality shines on everything... And since it is necessary to put words on all this, it is at this precise moment that her poems intervene. The cosmos... This is the living environment that surrounds her aura in an almost masochistic impulse, without vulgarity, and just passionate. The human being does not admit that he suffers, Susanna, she writes it and draws it while continuing to open her delighted heart, it is her instinct of survival. The word that comes to mind will be fruitful. Without this quality, the world of Susanna, which transcends that of every day, could not be the one that you will have the pleasure to apprehend while looking at her paintings... A whiff of desire animates her eyes, and it is the whole universe that guides her hands on the canvases, in a fantastic tone and elsewhere. The quiet force in her dance movements, demonstrates how well this artist has managed to transmit a form of wisdom nourished by voluntary suffering without vulgarity or emphasis... but beware the gratuitous violence is not her prerogative. An angel is born, her uncle having transmitted to her, in addition to her innate gift, the power of the verb to live without regretting, but to say even more I love you. This innate agility comes from real journeys that she knew how to tame. In some of her paintings, you will be able to capture this passionate and broken essence, because the artist can not create for an infinite duration in relation to the light, the darkness is consequently necessary. In this, her work is unique in the games of forms that could remind the human body and its ability to overcome the obstacles of a life whose path embellished all those who cross its path. I will end by confessing to you that this young woman is surely born on several continents at the same time, and what is more under a sky stuffed with aurora borealis, her fuel, her mystical brightness... This is the journey that her paintings offer: dreamlike visions, incandescent magmas, secret tears, fantastic faces and other strangeness... - Kentin Jivek
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Susanna Massa, Les Hurlements de la Terre, Painting

Susanna Massa

Les Hurlements de la Terre, 2017
57.5 x 44.9 x 0.8 inch


Susanna Massa, Sagesse colorée, Painting

Susanna Massa

Sagesse colorée, 2017
39.4 x 39.4 x 0.8 inch


Susanna Massa, Reflets, Painting

Susanna Massa

Reflets, 2012
36.2 x 23.6 x 0.8 inch


Susanna Massa, Vision Magique, Painting

Susanna Massa

Vision Magique, 2017
47.2 x 47.2 x 0.8 inch


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