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France Born in: 1964
CEDKI is a French painter born in 1964.

After having begun a creation process through macro-photo, he decided to opt for abstract painting in 1990 at the Beaux Art, Lyon.

The photo/painting combination was already part of his approach at Beaux-Arts. CEDKI always remained attached to this idea. His way of working progressed technically, as those days he exclusively did airbrush painting, but now only uses a paintbrush: acrylic is his favorite tool.

Since his days at the Beaux Arts, he has had a ritual: when he begins a painting, he uses a word, title or photos as a source of inspiration.

CEDKI begins his process through pieces of photos, scattered, glued, embroidered, embossed or not, and this leads him to a subtle game of camouflage, moving from abstract to "almost figurative".

Photo is like an extract which is cleverly chosen: a piece of image may that be commercial, macro, personal or not but it's a harmony of colors.

He likes to play with colors, shapes and volumes and manages to create an illusion like image. The spectator is invited to choose his own angle while analyzing.

In his universe, word is like a key which he turns in a lock, when he looks at the lock, he notices a universe, pieces of photos. This door is his painting and it is open to whoever is curious and imaginative.
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