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Jean-Baptiste Barret

France Born in: 1963
On the one hand there is the world (the earth and its landscapes) and on the other the stories that the images tell ... My photographic practice goes from description to invention. The perception of the world is multiple and in the images we can put everything! We have known for a long time that images are at the same time “banal reproductions of reality” or more or less imaginary inventions. Often, first seek to photograph places (landscapes). It is often an end in itself, isn't a place always inhabited, even if the (human) beings who inhabit it are not visible in the immediate and photographic moment. A landscape is always a decoration of humanity. The figures come next, they are necessarily linked to the landscape and the place. They are inserted into the actual landscape during shooting or digitally in post-production. The link between the decor and the figure is made in my thoughts. Without places there is no character. What matters in man is that he is in the world, that is to say on earth. Man does not exist if he does not have this relation to geographical space. This gives a sort of scene or a portrait of a human in situ. The third idea is that humans who are on earth are also beings of a divine nature. It is by playing on this absurd paradox that we can realize that they are part of a larger mythology. Baudrillard had written that photography is a writing of the evidence of the world. This evidence is actually specific to each.
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