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Roland Cognet

Born in: 1957


Sculptor, lives and works in Auvergne. During the 80's, Cognet began to reflect on material, shapes and the four main essences: mineral, vegetable, animal and human.

Since then, he has continued to confront nature and sculpture. He remains loyal to his raw materials, whether they are poor or noble. His technical approach combines sensuality and sensitivity. He has complete mastery over his drawing.

Nature, animal and vegetable are depicted in a wild manner. The animals are untamed, his pack of quivering bronzed wolves are frightening. He doesn't only work on wood but the tree as a whole because Roland Cognet is a tree collector: he retrieves the finest specimens, collects the hearts of trees, transforms them, mixes them with abstract shapes or figures in bronze, resin, cement, and makes up noble and strong sculptures.

In Cognet's work, one can also see a fascination for objects like his immediate presence, ponderousness but the necessary detachment as well. Cognet's elegance lies in this interstice. A head of a monkey, gorilla or a horse in bronze, and one can follow the trace of the sculptor through the finger marks. Usually perched on an antique pedestal, like a bust, a bark of a tree in resin and cemented yew, giving it a light look.

Roland Cognet still continues this reflection between sculptures and drawings, with his "engraved wood", contemporary wooden plates with blackened wood, sculpted with a chisel. Once again, it's a proof of the sculptor’s intricate work. It's obvious that precision is essential for Cognet. The symbolic themes of Roland Cognet: (abstract shapes of carved wooden horse, monkeys and lion heads) are sculpted with an unseen technique, breathing in new life and therefore creating a link between the sculpture and graphic work.
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