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Born in: 1957


Born 1957, Mirogi discovered sculptures in 1999 in the Annick Aublet workshop after working as a physiotherapist and osteopath. With his extensive knoledge of anatomy, Mirogi finally allowed to express his artistic sensibility, sensitivity occupying his spare time for many years. Mirogi works tirelessly in the studio from lives models and finished parts in it, especially the hands and faces that still require more detail. Since the artist continues to sculpt while preserving their perception of feminity. The artist assumes his identity but not looking for a style, she lets his imagination run and his hands on his works so sensitive, delicate and feminine, style comes naturally. Mirogi has since exhibited in numerous galleries and renowned part of private collections.
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  • Sculpture

  • Sculpture Nude

  • Sculpture Bronze

  • French Artist

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Mirogi, Monaco, Sculpture


Monaco, 2016
15.4 x 15 x 13 inch


Mirogi, Touch, Sculpture


Touch, 2017
30.7 x 13 x 9.1 inch


Mirogi, Lolita, Sculpture


Lolita, 2015
14.6 x 11.4 x 11.4 inch

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Mirogi, Frileuse, Sculpture


Frileuse, 2017
20.5 x 7.9 x 6.3 inch

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Few works remaining by Mirogi

These are the last remaining works by Mirogi.
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Galerie Bouillon d'Art

Summer Exhibition
From July, 12 To March, 1 2017

Galerie Bouillon d'Art

Ours sculptors honored
From March, 5 To March, 19 2016

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