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Françoise Peslherbe

Born in: 1964


Born in 1964 in Aube, Françoise Peslherbe studied literature and then became a student at the School of Fine Arts of Troyes, she got a degree in painting illustrations. In 1988, she went to Paris to work as a graphic designer in several communications agencies, late on, she changed direction and got into theater and television decoration as a painter. Seduced by the new technologies, she became Artistic Director in the creation of websites. Since 2002, her freelancer status gives her time to return to her original passions: painting and photography. In 2005, she left Paris and settled in Bretagne in Saint Brieuc. She devotes all her time to her creations. Trained in Fine Arts, painting is her main way of expression. But in 1992, Françoise Peslherbe begins to take black and white pictures and paste them on canvases to give them a second use, a more dreamlike one thanks to the pigments. The more she paints, the more she photographs. But whether on her paintings or pictures, her themes are persistent and her personal vision of the world remains the same: the place of man in the contemporary world. What is its future? What impact does he have on the environment? What attitude should we have? To ask the spectators about her work without attacking them but by inventive choice to question them, that is her intention. Observe, observe, catch expressions, lights, objects that others do not see and give them a different meaning. It is in action, through reporting that she found this adrenaline that makes her want to tell stories about what she sees and feels. In the midst of the crowd, her sensibility allows her to perceive a more serious and profound world, in festive events such as gay pride, the Chinese year, street performances. Françoise Peslherbe reshapes her images or she creates mise-en-scene. Today her works concentrate on the lives of men in the urban world: this life is ours, yours. Her photographic future aims to be committed to a humble approach about general awareness of who we are.
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Galerie Bouillon d'Art

Summer Exhibition
From July, 12 To March, 1 2017