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Didier Triglia

France Born in: 1966
The painter and sculptor Triglia comes from Perpignan. He has created a figurative universe combining various genres in order to create his own style. He discovers himself after each painting and sculpture he makes. He is a self-taught artist and he is amused and surprised by his imagination. ?I paint spontaneously. I improvise everything. I can work for 10 hours, non-stop, without even feeling the time go by."

In his studio, his paintings and statues are impressive. He has built a lift in order to climb and paint the canvases he installs on his studio wall. ?Painting is physical work. And that doesn?t necessarily show in the painting. At some point I had some trouble with my shoulder and I had to stop working for a while.? And that was torture for him, an artist who started up by ?doodling?, almost by mistake. ?In the beginning I wanted to make music. We had a band, the drummer is now a member of Zebda. I was drawing posters for our concerts, this is how I started up? and then, I was just lucky.?

Triglia works with collage, in the DIY spirit. He uses various packages that he assembles on the canvas and on this support he paints faces in his inimitable style. Do not search for a meaning of his work, because he himself is not able to give one. His only constraint: ?I represent women through flowers: I go further in an unknown territory, starting from drips of paint that I throw on the canvas and find shapes that these stains inspire me. I surround these shapes of black. Then I fill in the spaces with color and in the end, I emphasize certain characters with white, in order to bring them in the foreground."
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Didier Triglia, Puzzle 4, Painting

Didier Triglia

Puzzle 4, 2013
25.6 x 19.7 x 1.2 inch


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