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Claude Weisbuch

Born in: 1927


Claude Weisbuch was a multidisciplinary artist who was born in 1927 and died in 2014 in Paris.

Claude Weisbuch studied at the School of Fine Arts of Nancy, he then turned to teaching engraving at the school of Fine Arts of Saint-Etienne. Not very known at the beginning of his career it was until 1961 that he started to become successful when he received the annual prize from the critics.

Even if he is a very talented drawer and painter, Claude Weisbuch became famous first of all for his practice of engraving. In his engravings the artist gets inspired by his surroundings, his recurring subjects are portraits of opera and theater artists.

Claude Weisbuch loves working with contrasts, the colors he uses are generally brown and white.The contrast is highlighted by his technique, on his engravings the movement of the subject and the gestures of the artist play a main role.

With the treatment Claude Weisbuch gives his pieces an unfinished aspect, often leaving a big part of the surface empty.
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Claude Weisbuch, Portrait de B, Print

Claude Weisbuch

Portrait de B, 1986
29.9 x 22 inch


Claude Weisbuch, Virtuose, Painting

Claude Weisbuch

Virtuose, 1993
22 x 18.1 inch


Claude Weisbuch, Casque, Print

Claude Weisbuch

Casque, 1986
20.1 x 26 inch


Claude Weisbuch, Coup d'archet, Painting

Claude Weisbuch

Coup d'archet, 1985
28.7 x 23.6 x 0.8 inch


Claude Weisbuch, Le soliste au violoncelle, Print

Claude Weisbuch

Le soliste au violoncelle, 2000
5.5 x 7.1 x 0.4 inch


Claude Weisbuch, Cavalier nu, Drawing

Claude Weisbuch

Cavalier nu, 2000
22.4 x 24 x 0.4 inch

Sold out

Claude Weisbuch, Le virtuose, Drawing

Claude Weisbuch

Le virtuose, 2000
23.6 x 17.3 x 0.4 inch

Sold out

Few works remaining by Claude Weisbuch

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