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Toto (Le Baron) Pissaco

Born in: 1969


Born in 1969, Toto Pissaco spent his childhood in the public houses of the Paris suburbs. He was brought up in an environment with songs of Mireille Mathieu, readings by Pierre Bellemare and visits to the Château de Versailles. As a teenager, he began drawing on a freshly painted wall of his neighborhood, this is probably when his passion for art began.

Under the pseudonym Toto Pissaco, he created his first drawing on materials he found here and there (wrapping paper, cardboard, maps etc.) then on canvas and paper, combining different techniques: oil, acrylic, gouache, oil pastels. His colorful art is often tinged with joyful eroticism. Painting is a way for him to handle his instability, hypochondria, paranoia and agoraphobia, one of the recurring themes in his work.

As he rejects those things he doesn't like, most of his paintings end badly. Often, one canvas is used for several different paintings. Others aren't as lucky and are burnt, torn or thrown away depending on his mood.

His art has the intention to be colorful, warm and joyful, just like him, a mix of Raw Art and Naive Art, which he himself calls "BRUTAIF".
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Toto (Le Baron) Pissaco, Virée Nocturne 2, Drawing

Toto (Le Baron) Pissaco

Virée Nocturne 2, 2018
25.6 x 19.7 x 0 inch


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