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Cédric Delsaux

Born in: 1974


Cédric Delsaux was born in 1974, he studied literature and cinema and then became a bookseller, later on he was hired by a big advertising company as a designer-editor. At the same time, he studied photography autodidactically, a field he was passionate about. He decided to devote himself completely to this field in 2002. Cédric Delsaux lives in Paris.

Inspired by his numerous lectures and movies, which he devores, Cédric Delsaux explores the world of fiction and reality and more specifically the boundary that separates them. He works on collections of photographs that he then publishes as books.
The collection "We Will Stay on Earth" explores the places of globalization and post-industrial societies such as the zoos, oïl drilling and landfills.
The collection "Dark Lens" had international repercution. It depicts heroes from the Star Wars saga embedded in urban peripheries and to other specific settings in city.
For "1784" he enclosed seventeen actors in a castle during seven days, and asked them to live as during the eighteenth century. Once again, he combined fiction and reality, a universe that he mastered perfectly. Cédric Delsaux's collections are read like novels, and keep the viewer in suspense.

"Dark Lens" was exhibited at the European House of Photograhpy in Paris in 2012. In 2014, the collection " Zone de Repli" which depicts the case of Jean-Claude Romand was partly exhibited at the Tri Postal in Lille for the Festival Transphotographies.
Cédric Delsaux is one of the founding members of the group " Territoire Liquide".
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