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Thierry Benenati

France Born in: 1963
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Thierry Benenati is a French artist and sculptor born in Marseille in 1963. At the end on his art studies, he moved to Paris and started a brilliant career as an artistic director in the advertisement industry. After 20 years creating for agencies, brands, companies, he got back to the basics of arts. And because he never stopped drawing, painting using sculpture as a new expression was not the latest craze but a deep need to emerge as a complete artist.

Supported by personalities such as M.Gérard Depardieu, Mme Françoise Fabian, or the french artist Ben, his work will be honoured by rewards and acknowledged by the French artfairs (Salon d'Automne Paris, Art en Capital Grand Palais Paris…) and famous salons of contemporary art.

From his bestiary to human representations, Thierry Benenati tries to reveal the invisible, the hidden part of what he sees through symbols and metaphors. Before melting in bronze, originals are made in plaster, iron and wax.

Thierry Benenati works the steel, layer by layer at 3500 deg. Creating an original piece in steel is by far the most demanding and enduring work. Every touch is rough, sharp, heavy and extremely tough. Like a blacksmith working weapons, the artist struggles to release from the matter an animal or a face, carving every lines, volumes and angles, making forget the rudeness of the creation.

"Fortunately, contemporary art production is full of diversity and more fecund than ever...

Yet a separation remains between classics and moderns. Regardless of their knowledge and creativity, moderns tend to consider classics too old fashioned, when these latters, sometimes too conservative, reply by highlighting their lack of craftmanship and technics. I try to navigate against the tide, trying to create balance between these two conceptions." (Thierry Benenati)

Since 2015 he his president of sculpture section of Salon d'Automne Paris.

Awards as of 2014:

Sandoz Foundation award SNAA de Bry-sur-Marne 2014

Taylor Foundation award Salon d'Automne Paris 2014

Gold Médal Salon d'Art Ile-de-France, Bourg-La-Reine 2014

Gold Médal Salon National Des Artistes Animaliers de Bry-sur-Marne 2012

Spécial jury's award Amis du Salon d'Automne Paris 2012

Gold Médal conseil Général de l'Essonne 35eme Salon d'Art de St Germain lès Corbeils

Spécial jury's award Salon De Courtry 2012

«Palme d'Or» Salon Artistes du Monde Cannes 2012

Bronze award Salon des Artistes français au Grand Palais 2011

Spécial jury's award Beaux arts de Béziers 2011

«Palme d'Or» Salon Art Cannes 2011

Gold Médal Académie Européenne des Arts France 2011

Gold Médal & Consécration Award Fédération Nationale de la Culture Française 2011.

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Thierry Benenati, Taureau machine, Sculpture

Thierry Benenati

Taureau machine, 2018
19.7 x 26.8 x 15.4 inch

$ 67,690

Thierry Benenati, Le penseur aux oiseaux bleus, Sculpture

Thierry Benenati

Le penseur aux oiseaux bleus, 2018
92.5 x 55.1 x 27.6 inch

$ 159,994

Thierry Benenati, Lévrier de compétition, Sculpture

Thierry Benenati

Lévrier de compétition, 2015
56.7 x 21.7 x 12.2 inch

$ 61,536

Thierry Benenati, Mérou aquatique, Sculpture

Thierry Benenati

Mérou aquatique, 2019
18.1 x 29.5 x 13 inch

$ 34,460

Thierry Benenati, Miss bling bling, Sculpture

Thierry Benenati

Miss bling bling, 2018
74.8 x 53.1 x 23.6 inch

$ 147,687

Thierry Benenati, Chevaleresque, Sculpture

Thierry Benenati

Chevaleresque, 2015
16.9 x 37 x 8.3 inch

$ 34,460

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