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Farid Achezegag

France Born in: 1971

Trained in artistic ironwork as well as artistic and cultural professions, it is towards sculpture that I naturally turned.

Nourished by the world of American comics, mythologies, inspired by César and Palolo Valdès, I chose steel as my preferred material.

My characters are therefore made of pieces of steel, sometimes mixed with pebbles gleaned from the banks of rivers and rivers, thus mixing metal with mineral.

For me, it is a question of proposing another representation of the human figure with forms that are sometimes open, sometimes closed; to develop a subtle game of opposition between the interior and the exterior, the convex and the concave.

These moving, undulating bodies, some in pain, end with hieratic heads, faceless, yet expressive, thus taking on a universal dimension.

My purpose is certainly to constrain the material, to master it, but also to play on the opposition between its physical rigidity and the momentum that I am trying to give to these characters.

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Farid Achezegag, Icare, Sculpture

Farid Achezegag

Icare, 2019
20 x 20 x 12 cm

€ 1,300

Farid Achezegag, Passe-muraille, Sculpture

Farid Achezegag

Passe-muraille, 2019
35 x 20 x 20 cm

€ 2,300

Farid Achezegag, Man in, Sculpture

Farid Achezegag

Man in, 2019
50 x 50 x 50 cm

€ 4,900

Farid Achezegag, Venus, Sculpture

Farid Achezegag

Venus, 2019
60 x 30 x 20 cm

€ 2,550

Farid Achezegag, Odyssée, Sculpture

Farid Achezegag

Odyssée, 2019
27 x 36 x 17 cm

€ 1,800

Farid Achezegag, Plane, Sculpture

Farid Achezegag

Plane, 2019
26 x 48 x 33 cm

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Grans marché d'art contemporain

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Grans marché d'art contemporain
From October 11, 2019 To October 13, 2019

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