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Laurent Bosio

Born in: 1964


Laurent Bosio is a painter and sculptor born in 1964. He lives and works in Nice.

From 1981 to 1984, he studied at the Municipal Art School of Nice, Villa Thiole. He then joined Villa Arson, where he stayed until 1986.
Having a degree in Fine Arts, Laurent Bosio explored different domains but decided to dedicate completely to painting and sculpting in 1988.

Laurent Bosio draws his inspiration from nature and from subjects about power, which he is passionate about. He observes this last in different places, such as in the arenas where man confronts animal, in the circuits of Formula 1 where the game is to control the mechanics, and on the terrains of American football where two teams confront. All those places have the specificity of having a circular shape, a shape we recurrently find in Larent Bosio's work.

His admiration for the olive tree, which comes from his Mediterranean origins, is a tree with dense roots which in his pieces symbolizes the world, nature and its origin. Laurent Bosio also has a fascination for the Bonzai.
From the roots of the trees, Bosio creates imaginary and fantastic creatures, which are reminiscent of Argentine writer Borges.

Bosio's work is telluric,it invokes nature, rocks and earth, as matter and as a planet.
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Laurent Bosio, Bonzaï, Sculpture

Laurent Bosio

Bonzaï, 2014
28.7 x 36.6 x 19.7 inch


Laurent Bosio, Bonzaï, Sculpture

Laurent Bosio

Bonzaï, 2016
61 x 33.5 x 19.7 inch


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