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Stéphane Cipre

France Born in: 1968
Born in Paris in 1968 in a family originally from Nice, Stéphane Cipre moved to the French Riviera at the age of four. His artistic career began in 1997, after studying Fine Arts and History of Art in Nice.

In Stéphane Cipre's creations, language and words are of key importance. He adapts letters and words with precision, in order to portray his subject. His art unveils an amazing confusion between the signified and the signifier where one or the other perfectly completes one another and thereby becomes inseparable.

Through another approach, the artist works on representing existing subjects, feelings or even cultural aspects, whose common points are their intangible and elusive nature. Through language once again, he personifies them, and highlights them as transport palettes or shipping containers.

Stéphane Cipre is an expert with his materials, especially aluminum to create works with great technical prowess and poetic writing.

In about ten years, the contemporary artist has displayed his work in several galleries, located in major cities in France and Europe, and also in a few collections of foundations abroad.
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Stéphane Cipre, Love Sanglé, Sculpture

Stéphane Cipre

Love Sanglé, 2019
20.5 x 19.7 x 13 inch

$ 26,549

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