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Marie-José Morgat-Petit

Born in: 1949



Marie-José Morgat-Petit is a French artist, born in 1949.

An admirer of painters like Nicolas de Staël, Sam Francis, Joan Mitchell, Pierre Soulages or Zao Wou-Ki, paintings of Marie-José Morgat-Petit does abstract work, based on material effects, revolving around impasto and colors.

Nature remains her favorite theme, which she depicts in a unique manner by using written forms through horizontal lines, evoking gushes of materials and lights through glazing, a game of transparency, impasto and folds.

She varies techniques using collages, including glass and plastic. Acrylic has taken over in the recent years, often with marouflage of one or several layers of Chinese paper, which is wash tinted and covered with signs in Indian ink.

Her work goes beyond the evolution of the theme and the variety of techniques she uses, trying to always translate the inexpressible, question nature and its influence on the living world, a source of emotions, magnanimity and mystery.

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Marie-José Morgat-Petit, Terre de feu n°2, Painting

Marie-José Morgat-Petit

Terre de feu n°2, 2011
15.7 x 23.6 x 1.2 inch


Marie-José Morgat-Petit, Bois, Painting

Marie-José Morgat-Petit

Bois, 2011
31.5 x 31.5 x 1.2 inch


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Dalian Art 2017
From September, 21 To October, 15 2017
Dalian City - China

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