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Claude Genzling

France Born in: 1936
Engineer, architect, Claude Genzling was born on 9th March, 1936 in Paris. He joined Ecole Polytechnique and then Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts where he gradated in DPLG architecture (licensed by the government) in 1968.

He learned a lot from Louis Arretche, the architect (public buildings and national monuments) and was his assistant from 1962 until 1970 and then continued as project manager for institutions such as the Town Hall of Paris and the Ministry of Culture. His academic and professional background gave him a genuine interest for drawing, and he developed this further in geometry. A passion which led him to teach this subject at Ecole d'architecture in Paris La Villette (1966- 2001).

Geometry is the nerve center of Genzling's work. He goes beyond the notion of design or architecture and studies it from the viewpoint of sports, therefore he has become a true specialist of cycling and questions the relationship between man and machine. Though, it is the notion of chance that guides him in his work, encouraged by writings of the surrealist author, André Breton or by playing around with the proportion of gold that was used by Le Corbusier.

The construction of his sculptures and paintings follow a protocol creation process. From an initial image, may that be famous or not, the artist tries to look for angles at 37°, the most actue angle of a triangle rectangle, which are hidden. By connecting them to one another, he gives his work a constellation-like look, before renewing the process through a new route. He is motivated by this experience more than the notion of aesthetics in geometry, his works are able to create harmony between science and art.

Several materials come together on these embossed designs, photos, prints, combined with superimposed layers of polystyrene or plexiglass.

Claude Genzling has mainly exhibited in Metz, Galerie de l'esplanade de l'École des Beaux-arts and the Cité radieuse Le Corbusier at Briey-en-Forêt.
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