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David Cintract

Born in: 1970 France

David Cintract

Born in 1970, French artist David Cintract lives and works in Paris since 1988.

A painter, visual artist, sculptor and photographer at the same time, he created the "Free Pop" movement, which is more a state of mind than an artistic movement in the classic sense of the word. A child of Pop art, his works are a combination of Warhol's and Lichtenstein's work, David Cintract draws his inspiration from the news, movies or comics to make a better use of color. A big lover of knowledge, he encourages us to meditate about and criticize our lifestyles, with his pieces of an out of place and childish artistic world.

Gaiety of colors and patterns, vivacity and communicative joy, but also deep questions and symbols, such is the trademark of David Cintract, who refuses ease and creates discrete connections between very poetic forces and dark impulses. Using techniques as diverse as oil painting, photography, inclusion or digigraphie, he works on all sorts of supports (paintings, models, cars etc) several of his subjects are related to our postmodern society like how man faces uncontrolled and frivolous consumption, fantasies and adult erotic games as well as the loss of childhood in a society that does not believe in dreams anymore.

David Cintract exhibits his work around the world and thanks to his universal artistic language, he creates deep exchanges with aundiences from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures.
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David Cintract, Sans titre, Painting

David Cintract

Sans titre, 2004
23.6 x 23.6 x 1.2 inch


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