Gérard Schlosser

Born in: 1931



Gérard Schlosser was born on June 12, 1931 in Lille. He studied silverware at the Ecole des arts appliqués, in Paris; he has also studied briefly at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts before deciding to dedicate entirely to painting, in 1953, after having seen a performance of "Waiting for Godot".

Ever since his first paintings, Gérard Schlosser chooses figurative art: fragments of bodies, painted in solid color and encircled in black. These works remind the explorations of Pop Art. Starting in 1967, he uses sand on his painted surfaces and that gives a particular vibration to his works: each grain adds depth, with a part of light and its own shadow.

Gérard Schlosser is a painter that uses multiple techniques. In the '70s, he starts using photography and photomontage in his paintings, cutting different shapes and associating elements from different documents. Afterwards, he builds a system in this direction, as many artists belonging to the Narrative Figuration movement did (Monory, Rancillac, Aillaud, Fromanger, with whom he took part in the Mythologies quotidiennes 2 exhibition in 1977). The usage of the episcope that allows the projection of an image on the canvas becomes very popular.

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Gérard Schlosser, J'espère qu'on aura la réponse demain, Painting

Gérard Schlosser

J'espère qu'on aura la réponse demain, 1972
100 x 100 cm

18 000 €

Gérard Schlosser, Tu as dormi, Painting

Gérard Schlosser

Tu as dormi, 1972
100 x 100 cm

18 000 €

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