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Born in: 1973


Tiven is a painter who was born in 1973 in France, in Paris. She enrolled at the university to study psychology after getting her high school diploma, and took evening classes at the School of Fine Arts of Paris. Having doubts about the career she chose once she obtained her Barchelors Degree, she decided to go to the West Indies and lived 3 years in Guadeloupe. This experience gradually guided her towards art. That is how she tried naive art and and mastered the use of colors. She created her own style, powerful and raw, and defined her artistic touch. Since she loved traveling, she continued her journey. The encounters she had during these years made her become passionate about faces and postures leading her to do several portraits. On her return to France, she did a training at an advertising agency during 3 years. Always keeping involved in the world of art, she exhibited her work every year at the Show of Independent Artists. In 2003 Tiven decided to change her life again and moved to Morocco. Once there, she turned towards design and did home furniture. Her painting practice weakened for some time, but came back stronger later on. Today, Tiven has the opportunity to exhibit her work in several cities such as: Casablanca, Marrakech, Tangier, Paris and Brussels.
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