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Fred Calmets

Born in: 1976


Emergent Artist

Translation in progress

Fred Calmets is a painter, engraver and draftsman born in France in 1976. He lives and works in Poitiers (France). Starting his first works to the aerosol on the walls of the metropolises, it has first been cultural mediator for his hometown, and then graphic designer in a magazine, before to devote themselves fully to the painting in 2009.

Deeply humane and taken with his time, Fred Calmets is a painter to the multiple influences. Being from the great family of the street art, paint does not prevent it from return constantly to his artistic movement first so that walls of bricks or concretes, bridges or abandoned houses do not escape to the artist. Fred Calmets, true "fetishist of the wall", adapts inexorably to the multiple textures, rough spots, and formats of the street.

His painting is a next and a permanent exploration of the woman.
The woman with its weaknesses, its strengths, its contradictions and its wealth.

Through its large brush strokes, Fred Calmets has the sense of the detail, the realism.
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In time for Christmas
Fred  Calmets, Wild, Painting

Fred Calmets

Wild, 2018
57.7 x 35 x 1.2 inch

$3,342 $3,931

In time for Christmas
Fred  Calmets, Femme à la cigarette, Painting

Fred Calmets

Femme à la cigarette, 2018
28.9 x 23.8 x 0.8 inch


Fred  Calmets, Dreaming, Painting

Fred Calmets

Dreaming, 2018
27.6 x 19.7 x 1.2 inch

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Few works remaining by Fred Calmets

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Wild Beauty


Wild Beauty
From March, 21 To April, 27 2018