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Born in: 1983


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Swiz is a French artist, born in 1983. He lives and works in Paris. Swiz started out practicing graffiti, with a marked taste for urban no man's land. From the streets to the studio, he developed an emancipated and innovative work, focused on writting as a challenging basis for geometrical compositions, in a « graffuturism » perpsective. Self-taught artist, Swiz develops a passion for painting in his teenage years, when discovering graffiti, in 2000. The young teenager is already drawn to a vision of language combining the experiences of forms, colors and senses. Inspired by the Cubist artists, and how they broke up objects and reassembled them in an abstracted form, Swiz adopts a deconstructed aesthetics in his graffiti, with a preference for complex, intricate design. The concept of encryption emerges, as the artist play with the viewer just as he plays on the shape of the letters and the outline of the urban areas that he takes over. From 2008, Swiz moves to a studio practice. He conserves some artistic aspects of graffiti, such as the letter and a genuine economy of means in the use of materials. Yet his artworks evolve towards abstraction. The letter tends to disappear, in favor of a language made of forms and colors, capable of conveying his words and thoughts. Taking inspiration from the Western cities' geometric design, which makes it easy for anybody to find one's way, Swiz always maintains a layout – whether derived from the alphabet or architecture, sometimes figurative and others times not. Thanks to this structure, the viewer is offered with the opportunity of wandering and uncovering new visuals horizons, where messages and emotions appear from the canvas, just like in a multi-faceted game.
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