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Malté Lehm

Born in: 1947


Sculptor of women, Malte Lehm was born in 1947. The sculptor strives to find the ideal form, examines the curves, sounds out harmony to depict feminine beauty. A perfect and classic beauty, which always transposes a real model. The artist praises the feminine image in ceramic. In fact, he adhered to Alain Robbe Grillet's maxim: "Everything is allowed when it's about beauty, beauty is never vulgar" (L’immortelle, 1963). The bust is shaped according to the refractory terra cotta which the artist enamels and bakes for the second time in a gas oven. By flirting with terra cotta's magic, the oven opens and generates a thermal shock, which leaves traces of these cracks, not only are they poetic but fragile too. Random regulates the predetermined form, contingency is combined with random. His work is exhibited abroad, for example in Barcelona during the summer of 2016. The artist also displays his busts during charity exhibitions.
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  • French Artist

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