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Dominique Gentreau

Born in: 1960


Dominique Gentreau is a French painter, born in 1960. He lives and works in the region of Landes. Under the Southern sun, his landscapes linger over the shadows of the masters from the 19th and 20th century. Known as a Neo-expressionist artist, he mixes shimmering colors and influences. The artist gives a poetic look to the "hilltop tree" or a "blue tree" or even "summer on a gentle slope". Lyricism is felt in each of his oil paintings, which seem abstract. His landscapes have a dreamlike look, therefore in keeping with the serenity that one feels when one is faced with them. Contemplation makes room for dreams. His technical expertise with the palette knife and brush is a true feat in the art of landscapes. The magazine "Envies d’Arts" calls him "a silent and subtle painter, he manages to show the essential of who we are, through modesty" and highlights "simplified and baroque forms". The artist says: "I try to capture music and the fragrance of colors". The burnt Earth is brought alive with its ashes, while man strives to be seen with some humility. Humility honors landscape. The landscape is like an emotional pledge,the essence of expressionist art. This expression is the mother of fragility, flaws of the human being....Emotions are prone to its paroxysm. The artist's work is part of several exhibitions, especially in Barcelona, Paris, Dax, Biarritz. He received many awards: prix d’honneur at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Pau, 1st prize at St Vincent de Paul, not to mention in Dax and of course Mont de Marsan…
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