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Martine Kerbaol

Born in: 1945


Sculptor of little and large formats in bronze or resin, Martine Kerbaol is an artist, born in 1945. She graduated from Ecole des Arts Appliqués in Paris and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts. She took her initial steps in sculpture in Henri-Georges Adam and Etienne Martin's studio. She moved to Brittany during the 70's. Her creations have put down roots with terra cotta, wax and bronze. She strives to leave her gestural traces by her fingerprints. The face is intact with a smooth surface, Martine Kerbaol creates in the light of the present moment, through her perception and intuition. Her sculptures celebrate grace, flexibility and harmony of the body and mind. The artist freezes human features at an age where carelessness gets the upper hand and childhood. Her characters are marked with innocence and tenderness. The magazine, Univers des Arts emphasizes " Kerbaol's fragile children, are captured by what they learn when the world awakens...worn away by the will to seduce...offering their inner peace...The body and tightrope walking, experience this symbiosis of feeling one with one's environment..., what counts for Kerbaols free children, isn't the means of expression but expression itself, through joy, as they bask in bliss, which means live a fulfilling life" (S.Tournepierre). Her work lead to many public orders, after which she created gigantic works for several cities and public establishments.
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Martine Kerbaol, Grande danseuse, Sculpture

Martine Kerbaol

Grande danseuse, 2011
62.6 x 72 x 3.1 inch


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